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From "Lloyd H. Meinholz" <>
Subject Re: help with axis generated code, complex type
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 15:25:55 GMT
Please ignore this question. I made a basic dumb mistake in my


On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 11:08, Lloyd H. Meinholz wrote:
> I am new to axis, xml and web services, so sorry if I'm asking a
> boneheaded question.
> I am trying to do some basic web services with axis for learning and
> evaluation. I am using axis 1.1, java2wsdl to convert a java interface
> into wsdl and then wsdl2java to create my stubs and skeletons. I have
> deployed to the axis web application with AdminClient and successfully
> conversed between a dumb client and the web service. I have gotten a
> string, and array of string and complex type (sequence of 4 strings) to
> return correctly.
> I have another complex type that doesn't seem to be working correctly.
> The complex type is an array of complex types (sequence of 4 strings).
> The web service seems to return the last entry 3 times (my dummy
> Implementation puts 3 items into the return) instead of each entry once.
> SOAPMonitor shows that the web service is sending the same href "#id0" 3
> times. I think this is happening in axis generated code and I don't know
> if it is a bug or I have forgotten a step or what.
> Does anyone have any suggestions? I've attached my java interface, the
> wsdl it generated, my java implementation, my dumb java client and the
> output I copied from SOAPMonitor. Thanks for any help,
> Lloyd

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