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Subject Re: WSDL2Java with JAXB ??
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 12:45:00 GMT
Yes, you could write a JAXBSerializer, JAXBDeserializer,
JAXBSerializerFactory, and JAXBDeserializerFactory.  Then, map your QNAME
to your Java class, specifying these factories, in the typemapping section
of your WSDD.

However, you might want to consider using Castor or JiBX instead, and write
serializers for those.  I don't believe the JAXB-RI is licensed for
commercial use, and to my knowledge (I could be wrong, and usually am),
there are no implementations of the latest spec besides the RI.  Also, you
will have to muddy up your XSD to get your classes to implement
serializable, and anything that uses thoses classes will have to have all
of the JAXB and JAXB related jars in it's classpath, regardless of whether
or not it intends to do (un)marshalling.  Also, the abstraction of the
generated classes in JAXB is a bit annoying.  I just want stupid data types
with direct instantiation that are not coupled with the binding framework.
Castor and JiBX will let you map any standard XML Schema (i.e. no other
namespaces) to plain-old JavaBeans.  JiBX performance rocks, but many more
developers are familiar with Castor.

The current Castor serializer in the Axis code assumes a default mapping.
I've seldom gotten away with not having to write a mapping file with Castor
so you may have to write your own serializer.  I'm writing one right now
that just looks for a file named "mapping.xml" in the classpath.

Steve Maring

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Is is possible to replace the XML Schema --> Java mapping mechanism in
WSDL2Java with JAXB?  Alternatively, is there another way to use JAXB as
the binding mechanism within the Axis framework?



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