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From "Jim Harris" <>
Subject RE: Axis Performance problem
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:34:17 GMT
Axis Performance problemI am no expert Michael but have you tried
pinpointing the exact piece of code that is taking up all of the time? You
could try logging the system time at intervals in your code and from there
gradually find the exact statement that is taking so long.  If you are still
unsure why that statement should be so slow then you could ask the group
again giving specifics about the statement/code that is slow.

Also, is the code slow on every invocation or just on the first execution
after deployment - if it is the latter than this tends to be normal.

Also, are you using DOM or SAX for your XML work - SAX would be better as it
is more efficient and does not load the entire document into memory prior to
doing anything with it like DOM does.

Just some thoughts...
Jim Harris

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  From: MicHael Galkovsky []
  Sent: 16 July 2003 15:24
  Subject: Axis Performance problem

  I am sending out an array of custom type, when the array is longer then
say 20 members the performance of the axis implemented service just crawls
to an eventual completion around 30 sec.  The db side of the service takes
around 2 sec at the worst and the rest I guess is writing to xml.  I was
under impression that writing to xml should not be that time consuming.

  The objects which make up the array are very straight forward
  Consisting of about 10 strings and 5 decimals.

  The method in question only takes one parameter and returns the array.  I
am using the latest release of axis, tomcat, jdk1.4. xercesImpl-2.0.2.jar.

  Is there something I am completely missing or doing very wrong, because I
just can't imagine what axis could be doing for that long.

  Thanks in advance.

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