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From "Marcia Perry (DSD staff)" <>
Subject Where do axis w.s. execute?
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 18:12:04 GMT
I'm getting started w/ axis (axis-1_1 distrib w/ Tomcat v3.1.24 on
linux rh 7.2, jdk1.3).  I'm following the instructions, commands, etc.
in the "Installing and deploying applications using xml-axis" doc and
got confused while playing with the samples/stock web service about
how/where axis w.s. are executed from.

I copied the axis1_1/webapps/ into a tomcat webapps/axis/ directory.
I went into the axis distrib. dir's samples/stock subdir and did:
'java -cp $AXISCLASSPATH org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient 
-lhttp://myhost:8080/axis/services/AdminClient deploy.wsdd'
Sure enough the stock quote is listed in the web page that appears
when I click the "View" link in the axis main page. And when I
invoke the client w/:
	% cd $AXIS-HOME/samples/stock
	   (where AXIS_HOME is the axis distrib directory)
	%  java -cp $AXIS_CLASSPATH samples.stock.GetQuote 
-lhttp://myhost:8080/axis/servlet/AxisServlet -uuser1 -wpass1 XXX
	(or IBM)
I do get the expected output.  Cool....

BUT... to understand stuff, I deleted the class files from the
tomcat webapps tree, restarted tomcat, and the client invocation
STILL WORKED!  I put the class files back into 
$TOMCAT/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/classes/samples/stock but deleted the
class files from the axis-distrib. directory.  Now the invocation

So I'm confused.... it seems like the web services are running from the 
axis distribution directory, not from tomcat/webapps.
If this is true, why does the doc say:  "The first step is to add your
code to the server.  In the WEB-INF directory, look for (or create) a
'classes' directory (i.e., axis/WEB-INF/classes).  In this directory,
copy the compiled Java classes you wish to install...."?

I understand that axis itself is a servlet and running commands to
deploy/undeploy w/ a .wsdd file is invoking this servlet so some
entry can be made into axis' internal 'database' and I note the
argument to the client invocation -- 
"lhttp://host:port/axis/servlet/AxisServlet" so again it's pretty
clear that a servlet is being invoked.  I assume the term "axis engine"
refers to AxisServlet, no?

So I'm still unclear as to where the actual web services classes (in
this case, GetQuote, etc.) are executed from?

Thanks to anyone who can clear my befuddled newbie misunderstandings--
Marcia Perry                  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory   WORK#  (510) 486-6786
1 Cyclotron Road                        FAX#   (510) 486-6363
Berkeley, CA 94720     			MS: 50A-3111

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