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From "BLIS Webmaster (Patrick Houbaux)" <>
Subject JavaBean synchronisation Client/Server
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 14:45:47 GMT
Hi all,

I'm working with a service (that I'm the developper) that exposes some 

As far as I understand the instance of the JavaBean on the client side 
is not synchornised with the instance JavaBean on the server side.
i.e: when I modify an attribute of a client instance of the JavaBean, I 
have to send this instance to the server and get it back to synchronise 
the client and the server. Something like:

Client Side (in C# in .NET):
TestSOAPService service = new TestSOAPService();
TestJavaBean jb = service.createTestJavaBean();
jb.Property = "Hello";

jb = service.synchronize(jb); // synchronize is an operation of my 
service that for instance add some information in the server side to 
the  instance of TestJavaBean

Is is possible to automatically synchronized the server side of what's 
happening on the client side to my JavaBean?

Hope I made it clear :(

Thanks for the info :)

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