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From "Gupta, Ankit" <>
Subject Strange behaviour of axis in soap header session maintainence
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 10:19:52 GMT
I am using SimplesessionHandler to maintain session. The client proxies are being generated
using normal wsdl2java tool and nothing else is being done on the client side. The curious
thing is that session is still being maintained.I've also tried to see the effect of stub.maintainsession(false).
and even after setting this option session is still being maintained.
 Also In tcpmon the client side soap message keeps on increasing the soap header "session
ID"(which is a field defined by simplesessionhandler) field by one in each subsequent request
i.e. if there was one session ID field in first request next one will have two and so on.
Is this behaviour desirable please send in your comments

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