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From "Lachezar Dobrev" <>
Subject Re: Un/Deploying new services from within a service? (Quite newbie)
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 10:58:28 GMT
  Are these questions so hard, or am I asking in the wrong place?


>   Hello group.
>   Quick questions.
> 1. Main question
>   I have service SvcA (multiple instances, deployed upon server startup).
> When operation login(String user) of the service is called a new workhorse
> service of type SvcB should be exported/deployed.
>   When method logoff(String user) of SvcA is called with the same user
> the SvcB that was deployed for this session should be Undeployed
> (unregistered).
>   How to do that?
> 2. Secondary question.
>   I want to start an AxisServer (Axis servlet on Tomcat x.y.z). However I
> want to have a specific number/kind of services instantiated. i.e. any
> services instantiated in the previous server session should be forgotten
> (starting from scratch every time).
>   I happened to see, that in the simpliest install case when a service is
> deployed it is redeployed upon restart. I don't want to have that.
>   Is it possible(my guess is YES), and how to do that?
> P.S. I'm quite new to AXIS (although I have been on the mailing list since
> September 2002), and due to heavy weight of the mailing list I may have
> the sight of answers to my questions. Please don't shoot me with things
> RTFM, or search the archives.
>   Lachezar

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