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From "Herrick, Mike" <>
Subject RE: Re: support of xml attributes
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 19:28:39 GMT
settle down.

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From: Mr. Document Service []
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 12:27 PM
Subject: RE: Re: support of xml attributes

<xsd:attribute ../> are valid XML Schema 1.0 constructs. 

WS-I Basic Profile mandates the use of XML Schema as the type system for WSDL descriptions
of Web Services. 

It does not seem like AXIS is WS-I Basic Profile compliant. Does anyone know if there are
plans to fix this? If AXIS can not support all XML Schema 1.0 constructs then it would be
not be useful in a commericial application environment other than as a prove of concept! 



"Herrick, Mike" <> wrote:

My understanding is that attributes get converted to SOAPElements as defined by the JAX-RPC

"The JAX-RPC specification does not specify a standard Java mapping for a
xsd:complexType with the xsd:attribute. So the message part in the
DoAnotherExample message is mapped as a SOAPElement." see page 58 of the 1.0 spec.

So there isn't anything really from stopping you from using them, you'll just have to write
more code.

I just stay away from attributes so that I can use WSDL2Java and be done with it ... I don't
want to have to write the serialization/deserialization stuff, have better things to do. What
is the point of using an IDL language (WSDL) if you can't even have it autogen for you?

Anyway, would be nice if some day the spec changed on this, but until then I'd recommend staying
away from attributes. You'll get more sleep.


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From: Michael Zurke []
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 12:05 PM
Subject: Re:Re: support of xml attributes

it's not that i already got a problem with axis. as i said..i just heard about 
that direction of lacking support of attributes for releases in the future. 
how about that?


Can you send me the XML schema sample you have that may not
work with AXIS WSDL/Java ?

Michael Zurke wrote:

i heard that some ws-tool-vendors do not support attributes in xml schema. i 
also heard that axis will go in the same direction. does anybody have some 
information about how the future will look like regarding this point. in need 
that information to keep the compatibility of my xml-schemas with further 
versions of axis.



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