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From "Salama, Roberto" <>
Subject Extra "ServiceService" being attached to the wsdl:service name
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 14:39:43 GMT
I'm having the following problem with axis 1.1 and 1.1rc2 running under
tomcat 4.05 where everything is running in one webapp, no wars involved. It
looks like the name I set in the <service> tag in the server-config.wsdd is
not making it to the <wsdl:service> tag of the wsdl url, looks like the name
is derived somehow from the name of the class and its getting an extra
'Service' tacked to the end of it. 

Have you seen this? Could someone point me to the place in the code where I
can make the change so that <service name="FOO"> == <wsdl:service

Thanks, any help on this would be greatly appreciated


Here's the snippet in the server-config.wsdd file, and the snippet from the
wsdl  xml

	 <service name="Compendium" provider="java:RPC">
	  <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="*"/>
	  <parameter name="enableRemoteAdmin" value="false"/>
	  <parameter name="className"
qname="ns4:CommentGroupStruct" xmlns:ns4="urn:BeanService"/>
qname="ns4:CompendiumStruct" xmlns:ns4="urn:BeanService"/>
qname="ns5:CommentStruct" xmlns:ns5="urn:BeanService"/>
qname="ns6:HTMLComponent" xmlns:ns6="urn:BeanService"/>

	When I go to the AdminServices page, the service name shows up as:

	<wsdl:service name="CompendiumServiceService"> 
	  <wsdl:port binding="impl:CompendiumSoapBinding" name="Compendium">

location="" /> 

	An extra 'ServiceService' is being tacked on. Then I tried to change
back to 1.1rc2, on which the service name was simply "Compendium", but the
problem persists. Something was changed... I've checked my
server-config.wsdd and all seems fine there, I've checked for stray
directories, nothing. Unfortunately, we have webservices running inside of
WORD, and would hate to change all the bindings in VB (argh!!). 

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