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From "Kai Unewisse" <>
Subject Howto : w3c.dom.Element to SOAPHeader
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 12:34:37 GMT
MessageHi all !

Thanks to Dims and Anne for your help in WS-Security,but I need WS-Security
instantly (my thesis ends in 4 weeks ...)

My challange is right now transforming an w3c.dom.Element Object to an
SOAPHeader Object.

I use Verisigns WS-Security and it produces a signed Document. But how can I
put it back to the MessageContext ???

My Code :

Document doc =

WSSecurity sec = new WSSecurity();

sec.sign(doc, signingKey, signingKeyInfo);

Element soapHeaderElement = (Element) ((Element)
doc.getFirstChild()).getElementsByTagNameNS("*", "Header").item(0);

//   context.getCurrentMessage().getSOAPEnvelope().setHeader(   ????    );

It is probably very easy, but I can`t find out.

Thanks for any hint,


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