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From "Laenzlinger, Christof" <>
Subject Socket Connect Timeout
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 20:15:11 GMT
Is it correct that an axis client with http transport binding does 
not support connection timeout? 

  Call call = new Call(endpoint);
  // ... populate the call
  call.setTimeout(new Integer(getTimeout()));

This seems to set the SO_TIMEOUT on the Socket but does not expire in
case of a timeout during the connection to the server. 
Is it possible to conifigure axis to timeout also during socket connect?

The client is running inside a web application server
therefore I want to reduce the risk of having hanging threads
waiting for a connection. Is there such a risk at all?

In addition I could not figure out yet how to configure the timeout when
using pure JAXM and SAAJ API e.g.

  SOAPConnectionFactory scFactory = SOAPConnectionFactory.newInstance();
  SOAPConnection con = scFactory.createConnection();
  // ... populate message and endpoint
  SOAPMessage responseMessage =, endpoint);

How could Axis be configured to use a SO_TIMEOUT other than the default
timeout when using JAXM/SAAJ?

Many thanks for any help


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