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From Mitch Gitman <>
Subject Re: Distinction between rpc/literal and wrapped doc/literal
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 15:07:20 GMT
No, they’re not the same. 

In a WSDL document, there’s an element <soapbind:binding> (soapbind also
called wsdlsoap or soap). It’s at:
This element has a style attribute where for RPC the value is “rpc” and
for document (or wrapped) the value is “document”.

Also, in the WSDL, there are <wsdl:part> elements within each <wsdl:message>.
They’re at:
With RPC, there are any number of non-header part elements corresponding to
parameters or the return value. With document, there is one non-header part
element. Also, with RPC, <wsdl:part> has a type attribute, while with
document, <wsdl:part> has an element attribute.

With a wrapped Web service, the WSDL is actually specifying document/literal.
There’s no such thing as wrapped in WSDL or SOAP. Wrapping is something done
by the Web service platform to map types to SOAP/WSDL before you get to the

In the actual SOAP, with RPC the child of the <soap:body> is namespace
qualified, but that child element’s children (the elements corresponding to
parameters and return values) are not. Those elements, in turn, may contain
elements that are namespace qualified.

With wrapped, I believe everything is namespace-qualified. But I would have to

BTW, wrapped is a Microsoft invention that even Microsoft itself is, to some
extent, discouraging these days in favor of pure document/literal. RPC/literal
is a combination that some Web service platforms do not support. 

I may have a couple small details wrong. If so, someone please correct me.

"Viens, Steve" <Stephen.Viens@FMR.COM> wrote:
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A colleague raised the question "What's the difference between rpc/literal
and wrapped doc/literal?" ... and I'm having some difficulty coming up with
an answer. Are these the same?


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