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From "Brain, Jim" <>
Subject RE: ANNOUNCE : Axis 1.1 release
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 20:59:00 GMT
Maybe someone on the AXIS team can shed some light?


Can you send me the WSDL created under 1.1.RC2 for the group if they ask?


Jim Brain, <> 
"Researching tomorrow's decisions today."
(319) 369-2070 (work)
Systems Architect, ITS, AEGON Financial Partners

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From: 	Makhijani, Ashish  
Sent:	Thursday, June 19, 2003 3:03 PM
To:	Brain, Jim
Subject:	RE: ANNOUNCE : Axis 1.1 release

When I replace the following jar files in my web serivce with the new axis
1_1 release : 
axis.jar, axis-ant.jar, commons-discovery.jar, commonds-logging, jaxrpx.jar,
log4j-1.2.8.jar, saaj.jar & wsdl4j.jar

I get this error when I try to view my wsdl 

nService?wsdl  :--> Shows following error
AXIS error
Sorry, something seems to have gone wrong... here are the details:
Fault - Attempted to write schema for bad QName (no namespace) : fault
 faultCode: {}Server.generalException
 faultString: Attempted to write schema for bad QName (no namespace) : fault

w/o changing anything in my service or deploy scripts, if i replace the
above jars with 1_1RC2 version, wsdl file displays fine. 
Either way my service works fine, and i'm able to connect my client to it !!

Is there anything particular with wsdls that you know has changed between
the two releases ? 


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	From:	Brain, Jim 
	Sent:	Monday, June 16, 2003 11:47 AM
	To:	AFP Middleware Team; AFP-CR Web Team; Millard, Ray; Smith,
Eric (FMD)
	Subject:	FW: ANNOUNCE : Axis 1.1 release

	It's not an emergency, but I would recommend migrating off of
1.1.RC2 (or RC1 if the project is old enough) and going to the final
version.  Bugs are fixed, and code is much improved.

	Jim Brain,
	"Researching tomorrow's decisions today."
	(319) 369-2070 (work)

	> Hi all:
	> The Apache Axis team is pleased to announce that version 1.1 of
the Axis SOAP toolkit is now available for download at:
	> The 1.1 release includes many improvements from 1.0, including:
	> * Better support for doc/literal WSDLs, more schema types, etc.
	> * Vastly improved SOAP 1.2 support
	> * Improved documentation
	> * More transports (including JMS and email)
	> * Basic support for COM/CORBA/RMI objects as backends
	> * Many bugfixes, including bulletproofing against cross-site
scripting and XML entity inclusion attacks
	> 1.1 has been a long time coming, and we'd like to thank everyone
who's worked on the code, submitted bugs, and participated in the community
discussions on the mailing lists.  We're going to try to do more frequent
releases into the future, and we have a lot more improvements to make to the
codebase - expect to see 1.2 in a much shorter timeframe.
	> Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Axis!
	> --Glen

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