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From " Reynardine" <>
Subject Re: Please help me on deploying "object containing array of objects"
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 22:56:05 GMT
Try comparing your WSDL, with a similar web service that does this.  For example, the CapeScience
Global Weather web service returns an array of weather station objects.

Here's their WSDL

and some client code ...[] mStationList = mFatWeatherController.searchByCountry(mUsersCountry

for (int i=0; i< mStationCount;  i++) {
    String weatherStationCode = mStationList[i].getIcao();
    String weatherStationName = mStationList[i].getName();


----- Original Message -----
From: Balaji D L <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 06:59:02 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Please help me on deploying "object containing array of objects"

> Hi,
>   I'm trying to deploy a service which returns "object
> containing array of objects".  
>   The objects were created using javabeans standards. 
>   In my server-config.wsdd I have specified the
> typeMapping of object to beanfactroy de/serializer,
> and the array of object to arrayserializer etc.,  
>   Now I can able to generate wsdl by appending ?wsdl. 
>   BUT I'm NOT able to consume my service either using
> java or .NET.  
>   I'm getting the error "target service returned null
> pointer exception"   
>   Please tell what other configurations i have to do
> to solve the problem.  
>   I'm trying to return a object something like what
> "google webservice" returns(GoogleSearchResult).  
>   Hope my question is clear.  
>   Please help me.    
> Regards
> Balaji
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