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From "Mr. Document Service" <>
Subject Document-Style SOAP Support in AXIS 1.1 Final release
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 00:58:57 GMT
Reviewing recent and past e-mail regarding support in AXIS 1.1 RC2 release for
sending and receiving document-style SOAP messages:
1) RE: Document Style web service bug
2) RE: style="document" 1_1RC2
3) Anne Thomas Mane's e-mail Re: document/literal
We probably want to clarify the extent of support of AXIS regarding
document style SOAP. In the release notes AXIS is supposed to
be JAX-RPC compliant. That does not mean it needs to support
Doc/literal SOAP. 
However, the concern is that:
a) Microsoft .NET is supposed to support Doc/literal SOAP as the 
default for its .NET 1.1 clients. 
b) WS-I has disallowed the use RPC/Enc flavor of SOAP. 
Axis supports both RPC/Enc and RPC/Literal, but the problem is that 
users of Microsoft .NET and many other WSDKs (WASP, Glue, DocSOAP)
will most likely end up using Doc/literal SOAP format.
Hence some questions to clarify - which I hope AXIS team would
include in their release notes eventually: 
Is AXIS supporting: 
(a) binding style="document" and 
(b) encoding option use="literal"
for both inbound and outbound SOAP messages?
What level of interoperability does AXIS support for document style
SOAP with commercial toolkits such as (.NET, WASP, DocSOAP)?
Does AXIS comply with WS-I Basic Profile? In particular does AXIS
comply with following WS-I requirements:

R1005 A MESSAGE MUST NOT contain soap:encodingStyle attributes on any of the elements whose
namespace name is "".

R1006 A MESSAGE MUST NOT contain soap:encodingStyle attributes on any element that is a child
of soap:Body.

R1007 A MESSAGE described in an rpc-literal binding MUST NOT contain soap:encodingStyle attribute
on any elements are grandchildren of soap:Body.

R2735 A MESSAGE described with an rpc-literal binding MUST place the part accessor elements
for parameters and return value in no namespace. 


I understand that AXIS supports SOAP with Attachments (SwA) via SAAJ. If a SOAP message contains
attachment parts, how does AXIS support referencing of SOAP attachment parts in the WSDL intefaces,
i.e., wsdl:portType?


What improvements are planned in this area before AXIS 1.1 final release?




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