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From Corradini Morena <>
Subject Using complex types defined by my schema
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 15:13:37 GMT
Hi all,
my web service has parameters which are java classes for which I have
defined the related xml schema..
My idea is:
1) generate WSDL file from the class
2) edit WSDL file integrating information about the class types and the
related schema.xsd
3) generate stub and skeleton from the WSDL
4) deploy on JBoss
a) is the procedure correct?
b) is AXIS able to use my schema, as defined in the WSDL file, and
automatically generate stub and skeleton and related de/serializer?
c) can someone give me an example of a WSDL which refers a private schema
with private complex type? 
d) is it possible to directly deploy skeleton on JBoss? Normally I put the
class and the deployment config xml in a wsr archive and deploy it, this is
enough beacause skeleton are automatically generated by server.

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