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From "SECRIST,MARK S (HP-FtCollins,ex1)" <>
Subject Odd behavior using SignedSOAPEnvelope (empty namespaces inserted)
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 23:11:40 GMT
I seem to have a problem with the getSOAPEnvelopeAsDocument method of the
SignedSOAPEnvelop sample class associated with the Axis samples.  I've built
a document style web service in which I want to simply sign the body and
send it on.  Using the ClientSigningHandler and the SignedSOAPEnvelope
classes were very helpful.  I notices after moving to versions of Axis 1.1
that this now breaks my document being sent.  I start with a simple document
as follows:
  <QuoteRequest xmlns="">
   <DocumentInfo Date="05/19/2003"/>
   <CustomerDetails ContactEmail="" Name="Hewlett-Packard"
    <PartItem QuotedPrice="0.0" SupplierPartSKU="SKU-1" PartDescription="1.7
Ghz CPU Box, 80GB HD" Quantity="5"/>
    <PartItem QuotedPrice="0.0" SupplierPartSKU="SKU-2" PartDescription="17
inch Monitor" Quantity="5"/>
    <PartItem QuotedPrice="0.0" SupplierPartSKU="SKU-3"
PartDescription="Really Fancy Printer" Quantity="5"/>

When passed through the getSOAPEnvelopeAsDocument method, I get empty
namespaces in many of my subordinate elements as follows:

  <QuoteRequest xsi:type="ns1:QuoteRequestType"
   <DocumentInfo Date="05/19/2003" xsi:type="ns1:DocumentInfoType"
   <CustomerDetails ContactEmail="" Id="12345-56789"
Name="Hewlett-Packard" xsi:type="ns1:OwnerDetails" xmlns=""/>
   <PartList xsi:type="ns1:PartListType" xmlns="">
    <PartItem PartDescription="1.7 Ghz CPU Box, 80GB HD" Quantity="5"
QuotedPrice="0.0" SupplierPartSKU="SKU-1" xsi:type="ns1:PartItemType"/>
    <PartItem PartDescription="17 inch Monitor" Quantity="5"
QuotedPrice="0.0" SupplierPartSKU="SKU-2" xsi:type="ns1:PartItemType"/>
    <PartItem PartDescription="Really Fancy Printer" Quantity="5"
QuotedPrice="0.0" SupplierPartSKU="SKU-3" xsi:type="ns1:PartItemType"/>

Does anyone have ideas as to what causes this and what I can do to eliminate
the problem?

I've also noticed that when I generate the server deployment from a static
WSDL and then try to generate a client from the deployed dynamic WSDL file
that I have the same problem.  Is this in fact an Axis problem or am I not
being specific enough in the WSDL schema definition?


Mark Secrist, Senior Software Consultant
HP Developer Resources Organization (DRO) 
AppDev Advanced Technology Center  Tel: (970) 898-7490  

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