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From "David Green" <>
Subject RE: interfaces as params?
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 16:59:33 GMT
I encountered this same problem.  I ended up writing a custom
serializer/deserializer that subclassed from the Bean
serializer/deserializers to do support my interfaces.


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From: Shantanu Sen [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 5:11 PM
Subject: interfaces as params?

I have an interface as follows:

public interface MyOperation extends java.rmi.Remote {

public MyComplex testOperation(java.util.Map map, 
                           MyDoc[] docs) throws

where MyDoc is defined as:

public interface MyDoc {

public String getName();
public byte[] getBytes();


and MyComplex is a concrete class:

public class MyComplex implements Serializable
  Map header;
  MyDoc[] payload;

Can I  expose MyOperation as a service endpoint? 

JAX-RPC states that there can be complex java classes
as a parameter/return type. But what about interfaces?
When I do a Java2WSDL, the MyDoc is written out as
xsd:anyType. But the WSDL2Java will not know how to
re-create the class from xsd:anyType right? Is there
any way I can provide a mapping between the interface
and a concrete class? If so how can I do that?

Is there any way we can have interfaces as method
parameters with AXIS using RPC? 

Shantanu Sen

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