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From Duane Gran <>
Subject character encoding issue
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 11:59:44 GMT
I am having some trouble with character encoding where non-ascii 
characters (cyrillic, arabic, etc) are malformed when they come over 
Axis.  I've been trying to pinpoint the source of the problem and it 
appears to be related to Axis, but I welcome any hints on how to work 
around the problem.

My web service (rpc) takes a binary file and converts it to an XML 
format and returns the XML as an XSD:String.  There may be preferable 
ways (Document web service?) for returning pure XML, but the first 
version is for simplicity.  The service is deployed on AIX for 
production and Mac OS X for development.

The curious thing is that in development the character encoding works 
just fine, but not on AIX.  I have tested the web service locally on 
the AIX box with a command line version and it works correctly, so I 
don't believe there is any deficiency in Java (1.3.0) on AIX.  My only 
conclusion is that somehow the encoding is lost when it is sent over 
the network via Axis.

Is this familiar to anyone?  Is there a way from the service-side to 
overtly declare the character encoding of the response?  I appreciate 
any pointers.

Duane Gran

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