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From Peter Klotz <>
Subject Re: AvalonProvider and AvalonAxisServlet how should it work?
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 18:10:09 GMT
Hi James,

o please send it, in the mean time I also combined Ivory and 
AvalonProvider for a Phoenix-solution. So we definitely should check the 
differences and donate it to Axis. I know another person that is working 
on this corner.
I still have a problem currently in that I have no clue how to put the 
ServiceManager into the servlet context, must be done in a Phoenix 
servlet engine component in my case Jo probably.

So please send me the code directly and I'll check the differences.

Thanks, Peter

Clover, James wrote:
> I've got a version that is a combination of ivory and the AvalonProvider
> that works very nicely.  I'll be glad to hand it over to Axis if
> desired.  At the moment it's only Fortress compliant, not a Pheonix
> server app.
> James
> (P.S. Otherwise, Peter - I can send it to you directly).
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> From: Peter Klotz [] 
> Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 5:41 AM
> To:
> Subject: AvalonProvider and AvalonAxisServlet how should it work?
> Hi,
> The AvalonProvider that is available as a patch to Axis 1.1 seems to be 
> a highly wanted integration into Avalon Containers but it it not 
> completely clear to me how it is supposed to work?
> Especially the sample AvalonAxisServlet in samples/avalon simply creates
> a new component manager, but that is not usefully at all because usually
> one uses a container such as Phoenix that is created when starting the 
> server! So the problem how this damn Servlet gets the 
> Phoenix-ContainerManager is still not solved in this way?
> There is this Avalon provider from the Ivory Plexus project but that 
> doesn't help anything either because it is only usable with the Plexus 
> container and I and probably many others need Phoenix!
> There must be people out there that use this AvalonProvider from Axis 
> and can tell me how it is supposed to work, please?

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