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From "San 'NeTTwerk' Mehat" <>
Subject Custom Serializer + WSDL generation?
Date Mon, 12 May 2003 18:35:26 GMT
Hey all,

  I'm wondering if when you create a custom serializer, if theres a way to tie in to the WSDL

  The reason I'm asking is that I'm attempting to create a custom serializer which takes a
bean, and basically converts it into just a static object (no methods, only public data-members).
Inversely, I want the deserializer to be able to take a static object and construct a bean
out of it. If this works, then I'll be able to expose all of our custom beans as just static
objects for consumption by .net, whatever, etc.... It isn't particularily usefull for us to
expose a full bean with accessor methods, so essentially i'm trying to convert from a bean
to a 'struct'.
  If I did this 'serialization/conversion', is there a way to have the Axis WSDL generator
expose the objects as structs?.. or is the fact that i'm using a 'custom serializer', negate
this functionality?



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