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From Teemu Kanstrén <>
Subject Axis as standalone
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 12:13:52 GMT
Hello all,

 And another question.. I tried searching the archives, docs etc. but 
couldn't find a clear answer. Is is possible to run Axis as a standalone 
SOAP server, without the servlet container? Ie. start it from inside the 
VM in which I run my app. So it would receive the HTTP requests and 
process the SOAP by itself.

 And if its possible in Axis, is it possible through JAX-RPC in general?
Through I don't think I would change the JAX-RPC implemenation I use, I 
wouldn't want to bind too much to any single one.

 I need to expose some methods from my app through SOAP, so any input on 
how to best do this would be appreciated. Should I expose the services 
through Axis, deploying in Tomcat and use RMI or something similar to 
communicate the SOAP requests forward to my app-server? Any input on how 
you did it or what is generally considered best/good-practice would be 

 Talking about my app and app-server I mean just my basic own application. 
Acting as a server for some other applications. Possibly inside the same 
VM. Possibly not. But no EJB's or anything. So the simpler the better. 
Don't have any servlets or need for them, other than if I need to set one 
up for Axis (or whichever).


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