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Subject document style webservice fundamental question
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 00:25:20 GMT

I am confused abt the doc style webservices. I am not asking this question
in the light of Axis - but a generic Java Webservices question. If I have a
method like:

public class DocService
      public String processPO(PurchaseOrderBean poBean)


Here PurchaseOrderBean represents a XML which has a schema.
Q1>In that case if I build this as a RPC style Web service - then the
client of this service will have to invoke this method by passing a
PurchaseOrderBean object and not by the literal XML - right?

Q2> If I go for a document style webservice then the client should be able
to just pass the XML without having to use the PurchaseOrderBean - right?
becaseu if this is not the case then whats the difference between doc and
rpc style webservice? I would really love to see the client not have to
bother abt the PurchaseOrderBean and just deal with XML. But the I am not
sure how I can write the client. I have to use the Call object of the
JAX-RPC right? Does anyone has any sample JAXRPC client for doc style
servicves passing XML [not to a String parameter - but  to a schema
complexType like PurchaseOrderBean]?

So my question is for a doc/literal situation should I be able to pass a
XML like


from my client to invoke the method processPO in Axis or in any other tool.

I strongly beleive I should be - but just wondering if anyone have tried


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