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Subject RE: General Approach
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 00:59:36 GMT

Another way to approach this might be to create a wrapper for the class
that you want to expose and ensure that the wrapper does comply with the
standards required for Axis to correctly generate the RPC code.  Then you
don't need to maintain the generated code (it should just work).

My own SOAP RPC client code does not use any kind of axis code at all.  I
use JAX-RPC (with axis as the underlying implementation) and can make a
call to a web service in around 3 lines of code.




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Well I'm kind of new to this myself.  Here are my thoughts (if I am
wrong please tell me I'm interested in learning the 'right' way):

#3 - I had trouble using ?WSDL method for generating the WSDL.  It
didn't seem to correctly create it (at least for a client applications
use).  It seemed to create different namespace then java2Wsdl (which is
what I now use.)

#4 - The use of wsdl2java is/was a source of great confusion for me.  I
don't see its benefits at least for my use.  It was much easier for met
to create my own client code with about 20 lines of code then have to
figure out what the generated code was doing.  That's just my opinion;
maybe I was using it wrong.


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Subject: General Approach

Hi All,

   I've been hoping to use Apache Axis to make
my Java application available via the web.  I have
one class with several methods.  Many of the
in, out, and return parameters do not conform
to the standard (i.e. primitives, Java beans)
data types that Axis handles.  I have a XML
schema, and I plan to code custom (de)serlizers
for my data types.  My question is...  How
should I approach making this a web service with
Axis?  Following, is the steps that I've compiled
based on my research.

1. Develop a deploy.wsdd for my service.
   This specifies XML schema and custom
2. Use deploy.wsdd to deploy service into tomcat/axis.
3. Use
   to generate the wsdl file.
4. Use the generated wsdl with WSDL2Java to generate
   the client stubs, etc.
5. Modify the generated stubs as necessary.

Does this seem like a good approach?



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