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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <>
Subject RE: [Newbie] Axis vs GLUE vs WASP
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 20:58:20 GMT
Sorry -- I realize that I didn't answer all your questions regarding WSTK:

IBM WSTK provides a bunch of extra tools that work with Axis.
- uddi4j is a UDDI client library
- wsdl4j is an API to create, access, and manipulate WSDL files. It's most
often used by SOAP tools rather than SOAP applications. wsdl4j is the
reference implementation for JSR-110 -- The Java API for WSDL.
- wsif is the Web services invocation framework -- it's an alternative Java
client interface to Web services and other service-oriented systems (such as
EJB). It has lots of nice dynamic features.
- wsil4j is the Web Services Inspection Language for Java, which provides a
Java interface to WS-Inspection, also known as WSIL. WSIL provides a simple
discovery mechanism that you can use in place of or to augment UDDI. (I
don't know of too many folks using it, though).
- wsxl is the Web Services Experience Language - a component model for
interactive Web services. I was under the impression that this specification
had been superseded by WSRP (see

Under most circumstances, you don't need to use any of these APIs, although
you might want to try WSIF. You'll need uddi4j to access UDDI. As I said
before -- wsdl4j is used by SOAP tools (like wsdl2java and java2wsdl) rather
than by SOAP applications.

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  From: Takumi Fujiwara []
  Sent: Monday, April 14, 2003 2:54 PM
  Subject: Re: [Newbie] Axis vs GLUE vs WASP

  Thanks for all the feedback.

  So Axis, GLUE, WASP are competitive products.  But what about Sun's Web
Service Developer Pack 1.1 and IBM's web service tookit 3.3.2 ? How does
this 2 fits into the picture?

  For Sun's Web Service Developer Pack 1.1, i think it hasjaxb, jaxm,
jax-rpc, jaxr, jstl, jaxp? But i don't think jaxb, jstl, jaxp has anything
to do with web service. Am I right?

  For IBM's web service tookit 3.3.2, it has uddi4j, wsdl4j, wsif (which are
other apache projects), and something more (wsil4j, wsxl which are not
apache project)? When I need to use wsdl4j or wsif or wsil4j  if I create a
wsdl and convert it to a java file?

  Thanks for any help again. I appreciate your feedback.

  Anne Thomas Manes wrote:


 - they are all SOAP platform for java
 - they all run in a servlet container
 - they have tools to convert WSDL to Java

Axis is an open source implementation.
GLUE and WASP are closed source. They are commercial products.
They offer superior tools, performance, and serialization frameworks than
WASP provides superior management and security services.

Both WASP and GLUE also support standalone and embedded configurations (in
which case you don't need to deploy into a servlet container).

GLUE is available in two versions: Standard and Professional
- Standard is free for commercial use
- Professional costs money for both the development tool and the runtime.
GLUE provides a visual development tool that plugs into JBuilder.

WASP consists of two products: Developer and Server
- Developer is free for commercial use. It is a visual development tool that
plugs into popular IDEs (Eclipse, JBuilder, and NetBeans). You may use the
command line tools that come with Server instead, if you prefer.
- Server is free for development and free for deployment on a single-CPU
system. You must pay for a deployment license on systems with more than one


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From: Takumi Fujiwara []
Sent: Monday, April 14, 2003 11:04 AM
Subject: [Newbie] Axis vs GLUE vs WASP


I am a newbie in this subject.
Can someone please tell me what are the differences between Axis vs GLUE
vs WASP?
my understanding is
- they are all  SOAP platform for java
- they all run in a servlet container
- they have tools to convert WSDL to Java

what are the difference? I know it Axis is free and open source, they
other 2 aren't.
Anything else? e.g. performance? compatibility with other web service
platform? etc etc
Can I develop my application using 1 platform and switch to others
easily? assuming I just Java and stick with Standards (e.g. WSDL, SOAP)?

Thank for any feedback.


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