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From "Pascale, Peter H." <>
Subject Logging just the SOAP message
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 17:58:06 GMT
Thanks to some previous postings regarding logging of SOAP messages, I've
been able to modify the log4j properties file and play with logging a bit.
Setting the root category to DEBUG produces all sorts of logging. Too much
in fact - three simple web services calls produce 270k of text - and that's
just logging client activity, forget the server. The outgoing SOAP is logged
5 times for each call. Here is what I need to do:

1) Log just the SOAP message (the outgoing request from my client App) once
per call. This is the key requirement. I can't have 100k of extra garbage
for each SOAP call.

2) Configure Axis to log this message in an existing log file (managed by a
log4j DatedRollingFileAppender that hangs off the root logger - established
by the client app, not Axis).

Ideas for #1)
Convince others that there ought to be a single call to log the
SOAP once at the info level for each outgoing message. OK, so that's
tinkering with the axis internals, and it's not clear where this should
occur (HTTPTransport? Call?).

Write a handler to sit in the chain and process all calls - simply logging
the SOAP if desired. Can I write a handler like this on the client side?

Ideas for #2)
If I write a custom handler, I think I'd have #2 solved.



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