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From "Brain, Jim" <>
Subject RE: java.util.List and 1.1.RC2
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 18:49:01 GMT
I know, and I thought of that.

Unfortunately, I need to expose 296 service classes, containing 5000
references to List, and I have a program that is creating web service
wrappers for all the classes (the original classes combined data and access
logic, which had to split in half to work in the web service world.  The
program I wrote can be applied to any arbitrary class, though, uses
reflection, and I am planning on cleaning it up and offering it).
Programmatically, I can't determine the data type of a List, so I have to
replace with Object[], which isn't much better (although AXIS WSDL code
seems to like that)


Jim Brain,
"Researching tomorrow's decisions today."
(319) 369-2070 (work)

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From: 	James Black [] 
Sent:	Wednesday, April 02, 2003 12:27 PM
Subject:	Re: java.util.List and 1.1.RC2

Brain, Jim wrote:

>All I know at present is that when I expose a method that returns List, the
>Java2WSDL piece in AXIS complains bitterly when I do ?WSDL.
>As for customizing AXIS, I'm willing to try, but my knowledge of the inner
>workings of AXIS is extremely limited.
  What I did is to just turn the list into an array of beans, and pass 
that around. The only advantage of a list is that it can change in size, 
but once I send it to the client it will not change in size.
  It is also trivial to turn that back into a list on the .NET side.


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