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From <>
Subject Is it possible to use a wsdl as a bean type mapping during a service call?
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 09:30:02 GMT

Hi all,

is there anybody outside who can help me with my question?

If I use the DII or the stub-interface in a standard way, the framework
reads the bean type mapping either from the bean class itself (DII) or
from the generated getTypeDesc() methode within the generated bean
(stub-interface). It's there a possibility to overwrite this bean
attribute mapping by giving the framework a wsdl and tell them to use
the attributes defined in the types-section of these wsdl?

Now you can ask me why I want to do this? Well, here is a short
explanation :
I have a client object tree with three classes (A, B, C). There are
relations from A to B and from A to C. I define two services AB and AC.
As the names says the service AB needs only the A->B part of the object
tree and the service AC the A->C part. I create a wsdl description for
the service AB, which has a types-section with no relation attribute
A->C and an other one for service AC, which has no relation attribute
A->B. To keep the thing simple on the client side, I want to use the
same concrete object tree for service AB and AC. Therefore I have to
"hide" the relations are not need for the specific call of AB or AC. If
I can persuade the framework to use a given wsdl for the bean attribute
mapping I resolve the problem.
Surely I can copy the existing object tree in a appropriate form befor I
call the service. Or I can build a new bean serializer which does the
hiding. But, if there (may be ;)) exists a possibility to do this with
the standard framework in any way, I surely prefer this kind of



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