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From "Steve Stallion" <>
Subject wsdl2java funkiness
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 20:45:24 GMT
just noticed something peculiar --

i have several bean mappings that relate to value objects spit out by a
session facade ejb impl.

once wsdl2java is called on my service, the client classes generated for
the value objects are created as abstract classes rather than the norm

these value objects are actually proxy classes that implement an
interface (similar to the business interface pattern).

when the service is invoked on these generated classes, it will blow out
with an InstantiationException becase axis cannot create an instance
(its a language violation to try and initialize an abstract class)

so basically, i am asking if anyone else has seen behavior similar to
this, or if this is indeed a bug in the axis client.

(btw, the fix for this is to simply remove the abstract keyword out of
the class def in case you havent guessed by now.)


steve stallion

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