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From Bill Lear <>
Subject Re: Question about WSDL2Java generated code
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:28:35 GMT
On Tuesday, April 29, 2003 at 23:43:07 (-0500) Bill Lear writes:
>On Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 01:44:15 (+0000) dumdum 420 writes:
>>I will take a guess at this ... since I also started my webservice 
>>experience with the Fibonacci example ... but was not as inovative ...
>>FibonacciSoapBindingImpl is not a good apporach for you to test your client. 
>>Basically go ahead and install your service in the AxisEngine by using the 
>>AdminClient class. And then regenerate your client code without the -s 
>>option and instead of giving the location of .wsdl now since it is up and 
>>running service give the URL ?wsdl and then generate the stubs.
>>Then basically go ahead and create your client by accessing the server code 
>>using the stub and you will be all fine ...
>>If still I am not clear tell me and I think I can skim you some client code 

Actually, this didn't work.  When I cleaned out the class files from
the axis directory under tomcat, and started from the beginning, I
ran into problems.  Apparently, I left the FibonacciSoapBindingImpl.class
file in the classes directory, and
was finding it, instead of the stub class.  At least, that's what
I gather ...

The generated FibonacciSoapBindingImpl returns null for the calculation,
and so things fail.  So, how do I use the stub class instead of the
FibonacciSoapBindingImpl class?

You say to "install your service in the AxisEngine by using the
AdminClient class", but the deploy.wsdd file generated with the '-s'

<parameter name="className" value=""/>

When I regenerate without the '-s', no new deploy.wsdd file is
generated, and even if I change the above to:

<parameter name="className" value=""/>

it doesn't work (I get an error that says "No endpoint").

Here's again how I get the class in the Tester code:
 service =
            new; fib = service.getfibonacci();

Any help would be appreciated...


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