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From Harish <>
Subject Vanilla XML support
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 14:08:05 GMT

Apart from the regular SOAP based request,
we have a requirement that one of the 
consumers of the webservices would be sending 
the requests in regular XML( read non SOAP).
The request would look like,


I was thinking of writing a handler,
which calls my custom SAX handler, which would extract the
servicename ( 'GetQuote' from the above example),
set the MessageContext.setService('GetQuote').

This handler would be added in the <requestFlow> tag for the
samples/Stock's deploy.wsdd that comes with the axis samples.

Similiarly, I plan to add a handler in the <responseFlow>
to create the XML output.

Could you pls guide me whether this is the right approach?
or any alternatives?


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