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From Benjamin Tomasini <>
Subject Deserialization question
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2003 17:58:41 GMT

Please take care to not to put an unrelated question into an existing
thread.  I have renamed your subject.

I am sure someone will be happy to help.

Are you using RPC encoding?  If so, it is generally a case of getting
your WSDD correct on the server, and registering the correct type
mappings on the client.  Perhaps you could post some of your code, and
WSDD.  Maybe even the WSDL generated by Axis.

Thanks much,


On Sat, 2003-04-12 at 11:15, Mark Volkmann wrote:
> Should I be able to do this in Axis?
> I have a class called Portfolio that has a field of type Holding[].
> The Holding class has a reference to a Security object.
> Stock, Bond and MutualFund are all subclasses of Security.
> I use java2wsdl to generate a WSDL description of my service.
> I use wsdl2java to generate client stub classes.
> I have a service that returns the Security of the first Holding in a
> Portfolio and that correctly returns the right kind of object, a Bond in my
> case.
> I have a service that returns the whole Portfolio and it's coming up empty.
> I see in tcpmon that all the data is there.
> I suspect there is an issue with deserializing a collection of subclass
> types.
> Has anyone encountered this problem?

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