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From "Bill Pfeiffer" <>
Subject Some Big Picture Questions
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 14:04:12 GMT
I have been tasked with prototyping the use of web services to automate some
B2B tasks that we are now accomplishing by having our user base (Insurance
Claims agents) type into our J2EE web application.

The J2EE app was designed with the major business actions (use cases)
encapsulated in large grained stateless session beans.   These session beans
operate primarily on value object type javabeans and I hope they lend
themselves well to being exposed as web services.

I need to communicate (to our business partners) the necessary values
contained in the value objects/java beans.  Generated wsdl can define the
types, but I need to better document the data values I (my session beans)
expect in those types.

The questions I have are these:

1.   Should I write my own schema, wsdl to document the value objects xml

2.  Would I forfeit the use of the java2wsdl if I do this?

3.  If I write my own schema for my objects, what is the proper way to use
it (include it, reference it, whatever) in wsdl?

4.  Are there any "rules" I need to follow when authoring a schema such that
my serialization/deser. will work properly with axis/SOAP?

5.  Alternatively, should I scrap writing my own schema, wsdl, use java2wsdl
and just document the result for my business partners in a seperate

Thanks for any help you can lend...

Bill Pfeiffer

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