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From "Robert Davis" <>
Subject Setting SOAP Headers in Axis Client generated with WSDL2Java
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 06:02:57 GMT
I am fairly new to web services and I am calling a .NET web service from
a Java client.  I was able to use Apache Axis to generate stubs for
accessing the web service using wsdl2java that handle everything but the
soap header.  I need to add a small block into the soap header with
security information.  The information is static and does not need to
change with each request.  Could someone point me to some good
documentation or a good example of how to do this?  It seems like I
should be doing it with a handler, but I don't quite see how to include
the handler into the client side stub, as it was all automatically
generated.  I switched to using SAAJ and was able to handle everything,
but it feels like I'm doing a lot more work than would be required with
JAX-RPC and Axis.


Thanks in advance for any help!




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