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From "Hozefa M. Botee" <>
Subject Listen to a request or a session?
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 02:13:29 GMT
Axis Folks,
I have a web service built using axis in which the request starts a
transaction and the response finishes a transaction - pretty standard.  I am
using the SimpleSession and the SimpleSessionHandler to manage sessions in
my application.  I use the axis session as a way to map to my own
app-specific session information.  Only when I get into my service code do I
start and end the transaction for a particular request.  

My problem is that I receive an OutOfMemoryError after my transaction
commits, but before data is sent back to the client.  I'd like to move my
transaction boundaries to the outermost boundary of communication to the
server.  Is there a way to attach a listener to the SimpleSession so that
the request (and the associated response) will each fire some method (the
first to start the transaction and the second to end it)?  I want to ensure
that I won't get an OutOfMemoryError while building the SOAP message


PS: all the administrative commands in the responses from ezmlm contain the
suffix, not

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