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From Rolf Rander Naess <>
Subject Re: Null pointer Exception while loading the class.
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 08:24:49 GMT writes:
> I have written a webservice and the "SoapBindingImpl" class generated for
> this web service, loads my application class object , which is located in a
> jar file, by calling "new". I have copied all my application related jar
> files to the"axis\web-inf\lib" directory. I have added required
> ".properties" files also to the "axis\web-inf\lib"  directory. I have set
> the %classpath% system variable to include all axis jars and my apllication
> related jars as required per documention.

> The client program is able to access webservice and when
> the SoapBindingImpl is trying to create the object located in my
> application jar, it is througing a "Null Pointer Exception".

This is probably not a classpath-issue, that would probably give you a
ClassNotFound or ClassdefNotFound.  It might be a configuration issue
or wrong use of an API.  If you could post the stacktrace and a piece
of your code where the problem occurs, we would have a little more to
work on.

Rolf Rander

tlf: +47 92820227                            (c) 2002 Rolf Rander Næss

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