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Subject Null pointer Exception while loading the class.
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 00:39:34 GMT
I am using apache axis 1.1 and Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.18 in standalone mode on
Windows 2000 advanced server.

I have written a webservice and the "SoapBindingImpl" class generated for
this web service, loads my application class object , which is located in a
jar file, by calling "new". I have copied all my application related jar
files to the"axis\web-inf\lib" directory. I have added required
".properties" files also to the "axis\web-inf\lib"  directory. I have set
the %classpath% system variable to include all axis jars and my apllication
related jars as required per documention. I looked around for suggestions
in axis user mailing list and some of related problems have suggested to
set "java.endorsed.dirs" property in "setclasspath.bat", to include my
application jars.The client program is able to access webservice and when
the SoapBindingImpl is trying to create the object located in my
application jar, it is througing a "Null Pointer Exception". Debugging
shows that SoapBindingImpl calss is able to invoke the constructor inside
the application class located in jar. Since the application class inheirts
from another class, it calls the constructor of the super class using
"super". I am not sure whether there is any issue around here. Has anybody
got some suggestion of how to resolve this issue.

Thnaks in advance

Raj Krishnappa
Senior Applications Consultant, Financial Services
Level 5, Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060
Ph: +61-2-95619302    Email:

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