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From "Oliver Adler" <Oliver.Ad...@SYRACOM.DE>
Subject AW: SOAP over JMS Deploying Services
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 12:49:37 GMT
Hi Brian,
we have writen our own Sender (see as example) and
the corresponding Transport class (see org.apache.axis.transport.HTTPTransport) for IBM MQ.
(at our start point the jms implementation was only a sample ans we want to wait a little
until it is finished)
I'm not sure how the jms implementation does it but you have to register the Transport class
for a protocol. Like:
Call.setTransportForProtocol("file", MQTransport.class); (this method is static !)

(we use the file-protocol - a workaround and definitly something we have to work on :-))

After that you can create the port object like that:

URL url = new URL(file://#YOUR DATA <file://#YOUR DATA> );  // the "file" is the important

XXX_SERVICELocator locator = new XXX_SERVICELocator();

XXX_PORT port = locator.getABCService(url);


Your transport class is responsible to extract the data from the url and your sender class
(it is a simple axis handler) to bring the stuff on the wire.


I don't know in which state the jms implementation which comes with axis is. Maybe the classes
in the org.apache.axis.transport.jms package will help you !





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	Betreff: RE: SOAP over JMS Deploying Services
When invoking a http service the client creates and endPoint and using this sets the TargetEndpoint
on the client.Call object. The endpoint I was using previously was;
http://localhost:8080/axis/services/serviceName <http:// :8080/axis/services/serviceName>

Obviously this won't work with JMS. What format should the endPoint be for JMS, or should
I be creatingthe client.Call object competely differently ?


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