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From "Oliver Adler" <Oliver.Ad...@SYRACOM.DE>
Subject AW: SOAP over JMS Deploying Services
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 09:01:05 GMT
Hi Brian,
it depends if you use document style services or rpc style. 
For document style services is no common way to specify the service to which axis should dispatch
the message. The doc says that a handler (transport specific like the urlmapper for http)
has to call the setTargetService method on the messageContext object.
For JMS there are two ways:
we use a soap header to specifiy the service and a tansport specific handler which extracts
the servicename from the header and calls the setTargetService method.
The second one is to use jms specific header fields.
But both ways are not standards ! The soap spec say it's up to the application.
For rpc its straight forward (the namespace of the first body element specifies the service).
Have a look into the URLMapper.


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	Von: Brian Dillon (ext. 944) [] 
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	Betreff: SOAP over JMS Deploying Services
	In order to get a SOAP service working with JMS I need to create a JMS
	listener which initialises an AxisServer and then calls invoke witht the JMS
	message wrapped in an Axis message. Is this correct ? How do I then deploy a
	SOAP service so that this AxisServer knows where to route the message to ?
	With HTTP soap services I call "axis.AdminClient deploy ..." and the
	server-config.wsdd is updated (via the axis servlet). Is there an equivalent
	for deploying SOAP servies over JMS ?

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