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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: How to return HTTP 204 on Document perform()?
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 18:13:15 GMT
Toshiyuki Kimura wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> [Steve Loughran] wrote;
> | I have a misconfigured app that causes axis to generate a 204, but the
> axis
> | client doesnt handle it (filed bugrep). I dont know what the WS-I stance
> is
> | on it, as the basic profile says nothing on the subject.
>   The HTTP 204 (OK) is quite the HTTP specific matter.  So, the JAX-RPC
> doesn't mention it, or rather, the spec says "The JAX-RPC specification
> does not specify how a JAX-RPC runtime system implements one-way RPC mode
> in terms of the underlying protocol and transport."
>   However, the spec gives us the directions how the runtime implements
> one-way RPC mode with the general words as well.  The key points of
> suggestions are three things;
>   1) The runtime provides 'invokeOneWay' method for one-way RPC mode.
>   2) The client *MAY* handle the HTTP response with either success or
>      error code (but with no entity-body content).
>   3) The JAX-RPC client runtime system *MAY* achieve non-blocking behavior
>      by pipelining multiple HTTP requests without waiting for responses.
>   Please pay attention to the word of 'MAY' of 2) and 3), it means that
> the description is a case-by-case approach. And the current impl of AXIS
> might have chosen '3)' as the direction.
>   The described above is just for the client side point of view. In this
> matter, we have to think it over with reviewing two specifications, HTTP
> and JAX-RPC.
>   I'd like to continue this thread on your bugrep; Bug#18024, if there're
> no problems with you.

yes, lets do that. WS-I basic covers the 'accepted' response (202) as 
its way of saying no response likely. I've dropped the spec team a note, 
but they tend not reply personally. SoapBuilders next.

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