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From Roy Wood <>
Subject "Connection Closed" SQLExceptions
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 16:08:57 GMT
This is probably not really an Axis problem, but I suspect that someone 
else here has probably run into it before.

I've got a SOAP service that accesses an Oracle database via JDBC.  Most 
of the methods exposed are pretty light (fetch a bunch of rows from a 
table, maybe insert into one table), and work great.  One method is a 
little heavier though-- it queries three or four tables, then inserts 
into three others before finally committing all the changes.  

Repeated invocation of the latter method quickly leads to problems.  
Specifically, when I get the JDBC connection and try to set auto commit 
to false, a SQLException "Connection Closed" occurs, and I have to 
restart the server.  :-(

Speaking of the server, it is Tomcat 4.1.18, and I am using its 
connection pooling.  And yes, I am paranoically careful to close all 
ResultSets, PreparedStatements, and Connections in the correct order, as 
mentioned in the docs.

Anybody else been bitten by this?


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