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Subject Re: Excessive Latency for Axis processing
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 00:26:53 GMT
I had a similar experience. 

I re-wrote a couple of services I had done with Apache SOAP. Similarly, 
they sent a bean of values as input and returned an array of beans, and 
used BeanSerializers for all classes. The request was < 2 Kb in size and 
the response was around 60 Kb.

I don't remember the exact times now, but the round trip times went 
something like this: a raw text stream over HTTP ran around 300 ms, the 
Apache SOAP version took somewhere around 1000 ms, and Axis took 3000 ms. 
I can't say if this is "normal" or not. But Axis was definitely orders of 
magnitude slower that the Apache SOAP versions.

"Shellman, Joel" <>
02/05/2003 12:11 PM
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        To:     "''" <>
        Subject:        Excessive Latency for Axis processing

I know there have been other mentions of Axis performance, but I want to
make sure that my results are not abnormal--because they seem to be
excessively slow.

I'm sending in an array of key/value pairs and returning an object that
contains 4 arrays of classes and a couple primitives. I'm using
BeanSerializers for all of our classes.

Our code runs in about 50 milliseconds or so and Axis takes 500 ms to read
the request and 1500 ms to spit out the response. The request is probably 
Kb or less and the response is about 13 Kb.

Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to make it faster as is? Is
around 50 ms for an entire request (processing request and response) an
unrealistic expectation?

Joel Shellman

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