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From "Brian Fliege" <>
Subject Messages, Handlers, and Architecture
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 19:38:21 GMT
    Hello everyone, I am architecting an XML application and would
really love to use Axis, but my prototype has run into a big snag.  The
application my team is working on accepts XML messages over an HTTP
transport.  Various unwrappings and transforms need to be performed
before the messages are acted upon.  I have been experimenting with Axis
because the handler chains that can be defined match PERFECTLY with the
kinds of transforms our application needs to do.  

    Based on the types of services that can be implemented with Axis, it
looks like "RPC," "document," and "wrapped" message styles would not
work in my situation.  I have been experimenting with the various
methods available to "message" style services, but it seems to me that
each and every one (or possibly the Axis servlet?) wants the incoming
XML to specifically be SOAP (wrapped with
<SOAP:Envelope><SOAP:Body>...</SOAP:Body></SOAP:Envelope>).  Our
messages are non-SOAP XML documents and simply telling the other end to
wrap everything in SOAP tags will not work because we have no control
over the sender.  

    Is there a way I can still take advantage of receiving and passing
an XML DOM down a handler chain and NOT have it wrapped in a SOAP


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