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From "Jason Hanshaw" <>
Subject Axis and VB.NET compatibility.
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 12:02:59 GMT
Ladies and Gentlemen,

  I am looking for a very simple and definitive answer to a question.  I have an EJB accessed
via soap through AXIS, which returns a number of different types, including a number of complex
types.  When I used WSDL supplied with the .NET Framework, it generates the wrapper classes
to make the soap calls, and this code in fact calls the server, and diagnostics shows it is
a valid, and well formed request.  When the soap document is returned .net is unable to handle
it, complaining about Error in document (5,5).  I am assuming this is a marshalling issue
with the complex types involved.

My question is, is this problem solvable(I have seen it asked many times, but no really good
answer/definitive answer).

And secondly, does anyone know how to fix it.  Pointing me at the correct documentation/samples/tutorials
would be most appreciated.  If I can find a solution with other peoples assistance I would
be most appreciative, and would post a follow up response,  explaining in detail how to do
it, helping the community at large.

Thank you in advance,

J Hanshaw, Developer.

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