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From "Oliver Adler" <Oliver.Ad...@SYRACOM.DE>
Subject AW: AW: AW: How to set JMS transport destination service
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 13:51:45 GMT
Hi Michal,
for sure it's a possiblity to add JMS-specific properties to transport the servicename.
The reason why we have made your decision against this, is that we want to support multiple
transport layers without changes.
I know that you can handle this problem with different axis transport handler, but I'am not
sure if other implementations have the same capabilities.
If sometime in the future there a standard way to transport the service name over JMS we will
adopt to it, but as long (I think)  we will use the header solution.
Regards Oliver

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	Betreff: AW: AW: AW: How to set JMS transport destination service
	Hi Oliver,
	I'm using document type of SOAP message for sending. And I've also
	looked into the source code of file and found some
	interesting part of code.
	byte[] call(JMSEndpoint endpoint, byte[] message, long
	timeout,HashMap properties) throws Exception {
	int deliveryMode = extractDeliveryMode(properties);
	int priority = extractPriority(properties);
	long timeToLive = extractTimeToLive(properties);
	if(properties != null && !properties.isEmpty())
	    setProperties(properties, jmsMessage);
	send(endpoint.getDestination(m_session), jmsMessage,
	deliveryMode,priority, timeToLive);
	SOAP message is serialized and new JMSMessage is created. This is
	normal, but according to this code, you could add ObjectProperties to
	this newly created JMSMessage. Function setProperties is coded in
	folowing way:
	private void setProperty(String property, Object value, Message
	message) throws JMSException {
	    else if(property.equals
	    else if(property.equals(JMSConstants.JMS_TYPE)) message.setJMSType
	    else message.setObjectProperty(property, value);
	The last line is really great. It adds your property to JMSMessage.
	In this way you can pass your service name and other properties you
	might need. The only problem is that HashMap of properties is
	hardcoded to contain only following properties (BUT this can be
	changed :-)) In case it would be modified to include also other
	properties its no problem to add also IP address and other context
	information about client.
	HashMap props = new HashMap();
	if(context.containsProperty(JMSConstants.PRIORITY)) props.put
	if(context.containsProperty(JMSConstants.DELIVERY_MODE)) props.put
	if(context.containsProperty(JMSConstants.TIME_TO_LIVE)) props.put
	return props;
	Subject:  AW: AW: AW: How to set JMS transport destination service
	From:     "Oliver Adler" <Oliver.Adler () SYRACOM ! DE>
	Date:     2003-02-13 11:48:58
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	Hi Michal,
	the way how to figure out which service you have to invoke on server
	side depents on \
	the soap type. For a SOAP-RPC service are rules defined in the SOAP-
	spec. For a \
	DOCUMENT-style service NOT. http uses (at the moment) the soapaction.
	But with  SOAP \
	1.2 the soapaction is deprecated. The specs says only that it is up
	to the service \
	provider to figure out which service to call. (BTW Axis uses the
	namespace of the \
	first body element to find the service). We use a soap header to
	transfer the \
	servicename. As far as I know there is no standard way to do this
	over JMS. Regards
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