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From Bill de hÓra <>
Subject Re: Why Pull-Parser faster ?
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 23:39:15 GMT
Anne Thomas Manes wrote:
> Keep in mind that SOAP is not XML. 


It is an XML application. When you define
> an XML application, it's perfectly legitimate to restrict certain contructs.

No, it is an XML Infoset application. Big difference. XML 1.0 syntax 
is one possible serialization for SOAP messages.

You're the second knowledgeable person I've seen recently make this 

And back to the point. Why are these processors named as though the 
process XML? They clearly process a subset (SOAP) and are thus not 
compliant XML processors. I don't care so much that they only work 
with SOAP; that's fine. I do care that they muddy the waters between 
SOAP and XML 1.0 processors, that's not fine.

Bill de hÓra

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