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From Jim Carlson <>
Subject Re: Configuring Axis client within webapp
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 19:46:19 GMT
   However, my issue is not related to the classpath.  It is related to 
the <beanMapping> and <typeMapping> configuration elements in the wsdd 
file.  I need these to work identically in both server and client mode.


Phil Cornelius wrote:
> The ideal way is to have AXIS integrated into your app/web server. For
> example JBoss.Net 3.2 integrates AXIS 1.0 into the app server itself and
> so you can consume and publish web services without any classpath
> conflicts.. 
> A simple work around that I have used successfully is to use AXIS to
> publish and host my services and to use 'Apache SOAP' to call other
> remote web services from within your servlet context..
> You can use IBMs WSTK (bundled with WSAD) to generate an Apache SOAP
> proxy from the remote service's WSDL.. 
> works a treat
> Yours
> Phil
> On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 09:05, Jim Carlson wrote:
>>   I'm trying to determine the correct way to invoke a web service, from 
>>within a servlet container context, which is itself running an Axis server.
>>   My specific scenario is that I'm running Tomcat 4.1, and I have a 
>>webapp which contains the Axis jars and server-config.wsdd.  This webapp 
>>should both publish and consume my web services.  (In each case, the 
>>other party is another, similar Tomcat/Axis server.)  In addition, I 
>>have some custom typemappings that need to work on both client and 
>>server end.
>>   I have no problem configuring the Axis server to publish my services 
>>with the custom typemappings.  However, I don't know how to create a 
>>Service and a Call, from within the same webapp, which use the 
>>typemappings from server-config.wsdd.  It seems like there should be an 
>>easy way to do this (without replicating config information anywhere).
>>   I can get an instance of AxisServer by calling 
>>AxisServletBase.getEngine(someOtherServlet).  This AxisServlet has the 
>>typemappings from server-config.wsdd.  Next, I've tried the following 
>>     new Service(axisServer.getConfig()).createCall();
>>     new Service(axisServer.getClientEngine().getConfig()).createCall();
>>     new 
>>... and some other permutations as well.  In the first case, 
>>Call.invoke() behaves very oddly, I think because it has server-side 
>>handlers instead of client-side handlers.  In both the first and second 
>>cases, a subsequent check of Service.getTypeMappingRegistry() shows that 
>>my custom mappings did not actually transfer over.  In the third 
>>case.... well here's the implementation of 
>>Service.setTypeMappingRegistry() from axis/client/
>>     public void setTypeMappingRegistry(TypeMappingRegistry registry)
>>                     throws ServiceException  {
>>     }
>>A no-op.  That was a fun surprise.  Anyhow, I will continue digging 
>>through the source, but I thought someone on this list would probably 
>>already know the *correct* way to acheive this.  Note that I am trying 
>>to avoid having a second client.wsdd file, or programmatically copying 
>>over the individual Mappings, because both of these techniques 
>>unnecessarily replicate configuration data.  I hope there is something 

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