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From Tom Oinn <>
Subject Re: Sending binary data contained within a map?
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 11:22:14 GMT wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> As far as I know, the only way to make Axis automatically encode your 
 > data as base64, is to have the datatype (of your SOAP method) set to
 > "byte[]". So a way around your problem could be to e.g. create a
 > complex type that holds (among other things) a field that is of the
 > type "byte[]". But that would mean that the "wrapped up in a Map" thing
 > would have to go... But again, you could wrap the things up in the
 > (new) complex type instead.
> Hope this helps!

Hi Eirik,

Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately I can't loose the Map 
functionality. The problem is that this service is a web service wrapper 
around a large (and potentially unknown) set of command line based 
analysis tools. Furthermore, in reality it is currently a wrapper of a 
CORBA service that wraps the command line tools themselves. My point is 
that in order to provide access to all these tools (there are maybe 100 
or so) we need a flexible return type that allows us to return arbitrary 
key / value pairs, hence the Map.

What I'm curious about is why there is a different behaviour for a 
byte[] within a Map, and a byte[] when specified by the method 
signature, wouldn't it be more consistant to have both cases treated the 
same way? I'd be inclined to describe that as a bug, intentional or not.


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