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From Brian Ewins <>
Subject Re: WSDL / attachments. Please help!
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 14:15:58 GMT
This is an example WSDL file which specs a DIME attachment and is 
supposed to be interoperable:

However, read the checkin comment:
"Initial checkin for dime/rpc GroupG test. WSDL2Java does not understand 
dime extensions right now. It just ignores them...So this is just a 

This was only checked in 6 weeks ago. In other words, I wouldn't bet on 
DIME interop right now.

Your choices are:
- do something else. The something else being, e.g., send an URL to the 
file you want to attach (so it can simply be fetched with a GET request)
- use a different SOAP toolkit
- patch wsdl2java so that this interop test works.
- wait for someone else to patch it.
- just write some of the code by hand. If you use WSDL2Java on a wsdl 
file that generates working .Net services, then you should be able to 
generate enough of an axis service that you can alter it by hand to do 
what you want.

NB, in the last solution, you can tell an Axis service what WSDL you 
want it to serve up when queried with ?wsdl. Since your goal is to 
interop with .Net, you serve up whatever works for .Net. This avoids the 
round-trip problem you describe. See:


Yates, Danny (ANTS) wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a requirement which I have been tearing my hair out over
> for several months now. It has taken a back burner until today
> when it suddenly increased in priority.
> I need to write a Web Service with the following specification:
> a) A single method (say, "dispatch")
> b) A single parameter, which is an XML document which must be a
>    DIME attachment
> c) No return parameters - although I'd like an RPC style call in
>    order to be able to raise faults back to the client
> d) Must interop with MS.NET (hence DIME requirement)
> I have done the following:
> a) Read all the Axis documentation
> b) Reviewed 12 months of pertinent messages on this mailing list
> c) Scoured the MSDN site
> d) Done several Google searches and read numerous articles on
>    the subject
> However, I am still unable to formulate anything which gets close
> to working.
> Either:
> a) The wsdl2java tool fails, or
> b) wsdl2java works, but generates a method which takes a string
>    parameter (pretty close!) but this causes ?wsdl to generate
>    incorrect WSDL.
> c) I manage to generate something which looks like WSDL but the
>    .NET tools choke on
> This is really frustruating, as I cannot see why this is as hard
> as it seems! WSDL strikes me as being ridiculously overspecified
> and verbose.
> Please can somebody help me out with a simple WSDL document?
> Many many thanks,
> Dan.

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