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From rab yazbeck <>
Subject RE: SOAP/JAXMServlet implementation
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 15:29:15 GMT

Same case for me, especially I am very confused with
finding support for SAAJ (javax.xml.soap), which,
unlike what I read on Axis's website about 100% SAAJ
compliance, I couldnÂ’t find the implantation of SAAJ's
api javax.xml.soap in axis. Am I wrong?


- Rabih

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Hagger [] 
Sent: 25 February 2003 14:50
Subject: SOAP/JAXMServlet implementation


We're attempting to move from using the Sun "Reference
(JAX pack etc), to using Axis.  I've been using the
1.1RC1 release.

Basically we have a system where a client makes a call
to a server,
which implements a SOAP service using a JAXMservlet
(basically an
extension of a HttpServlet, which replies to POST's by
calling an
onMessage method).  This constructs a reply by
creating a SOAPMessage
(which in our case includes a number of attachments)
and dumping this
reply back to the invoking client (using a

This all worked fine with the Sun reference
implementation, but fails
horribly with Axis.

I've attached a simple piece of example code (which
I'm running within
WebLogic, but should work in any servlet engine). 
This happily receives
a "multipart" SOAP message but fails to send anything
sensible back as a
reply.  However, if you remove the attachment from the
reply then all is
fine, since it simply returns a simple xml document in
that case.

Essentially what seems to happen is that suitable
MimeHeaders are never
set/created when constructing a SOAPMessage under
Axis, in particular
the rather crucial "Content-Type" is never set, so
that the reply just
seems to be a streamed together set of attachment
parts, which is
obviously unintelligible to the receiver.

Its not entirely clear if what we are doing _should_
work, although its
exactly along the lines of many of Sun's example
codes, and its hard to
see what else could be done.

Anyone else tried doing something along these lines
and have any



Mark Hagger
Senior Developer
m-spatial ltd.


(T) +44 (0) 1223 421534
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